Please have a look at the video on the front page of this website. It is a report on the work of Poncho Murguia and others in his network in the former "murder capital of the world" that is now being transformed through united prayer. You will be encouraged by the Lord to believe Him for His breakthrough in your own city no matter how difficult the situation may be!

Website link:

"Please keep praying. More than 50 mortars fall today on the houses and streets in Damascus. God is protecting. Open a door for Christians to go out"

Let us pray for the protection and strengthening of our brothers and sisters in Syria and for the healing of this nation so devastated by ongoing civil war.

Some dear friends from Kurdistan, Iraq have written, asking prayer for the awful situation that the Islamic State terrorists have caused in the country. They write:

"Please join us as every morning we pray to God:

1.That ISIS will leave the country.
2.Families can go back to their homes.
3.Protection for believers and churches.

Last June, because of terrorist's attacks, thousands of people, from different cities, left their homes and moved to Kurdistan, seeking safety... lost everything to gain their lives! At first, because the weather was very hot, all what they needed was ONLY water Tents/shade were the next urgent need Soon food was a great need also, then mattresses, then toilets, then...We found ourselves in an endless demand draining our time and energy, and dragging us out of our goal of building spiritual movements everywhere. But, as a result of this work; 1) Some young people developed a good relationship with Jesus, and started a youth meeting, and 2) Visiting groups of families for Bible sharing and prayer.

With the humanitarian aid, we distributed Bibles, several printed materials and FM radio receivers that help people listen to our special radio programs. Tens of thousands of people join our programs via the radio Facebook page. Bibles: 1,830 - FM Radio Receivers: 1,300 - MP3: 443 - Christian Lectures: 1,190

Please pray for the Christians in Iraq to be encouraged and that God will use them greatly to reach many for Christ during this time of upheaval and uncertainty. They ask us to pray for:

- the need for prayer lead to start a Prayer Network, to stand against the spiritual powers behind the Islamic State.

- wisdom for creative strategies to reach people with the message of Jesus

Pray too for the Iraqi government and military to become united and effective in dealing with the IS threat, pushing them back and reclaiming the huge swath of territory that IS has invaded.

OK friends, the time is NOW!  No more, "I'll check this out later".

Today is December 1st and for the next 31 days, I'm inviting you to join me in being part of The Syrian Circle of prayer.    

The magnitude of the tragedy and the hopelessness of their situation demand an urgent response from Christ's church.  Prayer is the one absolute thing we can do to release the powerful hand of God into their situation. Our prayers will alter history, as the Living God is their Hope.

As believers, we cannot wait one more day.

  •     They are cold as winter weather is harsh.
  •     They are hungry.
  •     They have experienced great personal loss, continued fear, and trauma.
  •     They are asking new questions about who they can trust and there is fresh spiritual hunger.

Now is the time to jump in with me as we together intercede on the behalf of the Syrian people!

    Click HERE to let us know you're praying. You will receive daily prayer points.

  • Choose how you want to participate: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Website, Prayer Wall, or as a Circle Starter to mobilize others
  • When you sign up as a "Circle Starter," you will have access to other resources to mobilize others to pray.

Let's come boldly to His Throne in behalf of the Syrian people,
Carol Davis

Please see below our perspective of current situation, as well as the prayer points for Ukraine.

It is quiet peaceful situation in Kiev now, despite many alarmist news reports. As you may know, our congregation together with Jewish Voice International Ministries have been conducted an International Festival of Jewish Music and Dance 'Listen, O Israel!'  in Kiev on September 26-28, 2014. Despite the difficult situation in the country, and little attempts to disrupt the event, a total of 4 concerts, the packed venue on 3500 seats were held peacefully, without any provocation of any of the parties.

So, as you see, some information statements do not reflect reality. The atmosphere is quiet also in other regions of the country that are not under control of separatists and Russian troops. The only exception is the frontier area of the country.

The former president together with his team practically deprived the Treasury of Ukraine and undermined the economy. Because of the events that occur in other regions of the country and the economic situation, our current government is in quite a difficult position.

In Crimea and the Eastern part of Ukraine, the situation is critical. These areas are controlled by various forces of separatists, who often conflict with each other. But together they all are under constant control of Russia. The major part of military forces fighting against Ukraine is the Russian army.

Evangelical churches are under great pressure in the Eastern part of Ukraine. There operates a so-called Russian Orthodox Army, which declares the only Orthodox Church policy and, moreover, it is only the Moscow Patriarchate Orthodox Church. And they not only proclaim, but also implement this policy, treating all other churches accordingly.

The prayer points:

1) For the schemes of the enemy be exposed and neutralized. For confusion and disagreement in the enemy's camp (meaning the spiritual forces of evil).
2) Against the spirit of death, the Assyrian spirit, and the spirit of Rezin (according to Isaiah chapter 7).
3) For salvation of the people of Ukraine, repentance and contrition before God.
4) For protection of believers in the Eastern part of Ukraine.
5) Also, please bless the governments of Ukraine and Russia.

We appreciate your prayer support in such difficult time for our country.

God bless you! Shalom!
Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation

Please stand in the gap for our faithful and dedicated brothers and sisters serving God in Communist Vietnam. There is definitely a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing across the nation and plans are being made for many outreaches over the Christmas period. Outreaches and evangelistic programs are also in the planning for 2015. The devil does not want the Gospel going forward with power and authority and will try to unsettled and frustrate plans for the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

1.Pray for the government of Vietnam; bless them and ask for salvation to come to these leaders and their households.
2.Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, signs wonders and miracles.
3.There are good things happening in Hanoi (Vietnam's capital) with reports of certain "important" people coming to Christ. Pray that it continues!
4.Pray against the spirit of intimidation and the demon forces behind communism.
5.Earlier this year we saw a dramatic turn around and victory over another attempt of the enemy to destabilise the situation there. We will see another victory, now, in Jesus' name!

From an Australian intercessor who prefers to remain anonymous

29 NOVEMBER 2014

Werner Groenewald and his two children martyred in Afghanistan

This morning (Sunday 30 November 2014) our hearts are broken.  We have lost a dear friend, a faithful worker and a precious soul-mate.  Werner Groenewald and his two beautiful children, Jean-Pierre and Rhodé, were killed in a Taliban attack in Kabul on Saturday 29 November 2014.  Hannelie, his wife, was not at home during the time and survived the attacked but lost everything.

Three gunmen and suicide bombers stormed the compound where Werner and his family lived in Kabul on Saturday, exchanging fire with security forces before leaving Werner and his two children dead.  Six other hostages were rescued after the afternoon attack while one Afghan worker also died in the attack

The bloodshed began around 4 p.m. local time, when a grenade was lobbed at the gate of the compound, after which the militants stormed the building. The men were carrying machine guns, grenades and wearing suicide vests.  A Taliban spokesman said in a statement that it was targeting "a secret Christian missionary and foreign invaders' intelligence center."

This report is not an attempt to explain another theology of martyrdom.  It is simply an expression of grief and anguish and an appeal for the wider body of Christ to share in the pain of the Groenewald family, especially Hannelie and Werner's parents.

How do we express our deepest empathy and condolences with the family members who now have to face the reality of losing a son, a brother, a husband and two children in one horrific incident of terror?  What words or theology can relieve the pain?

Like Jesus at, the grave of Lazarus, we can only weep.  Words are insufficient but tears can be offered on their behalf before a loving Father who understands the acts of violence against a beloved Son.  Yes, we celebrate the life of three martyrs who loved Christ more than they loved life but we mourn the death of three dear servants, friends and co-workers.

Our last time of fellowship together was a month ago in Asia when we contemplated the joy set before us of serving Christ.  In Werner's last message to the international group of co-workers he spoke on "Counting the cost of following Jesus".  His words will remain in our hearts forever as he closed the session with these words:  "We only die once, so it might as well be for Jesus."

Together we also listened to Bill Drake sing the song "The Martyr's Crown" and the words rang in our hearts "It is your time to wear the crown". We did not know that soon it would be their time.   Together we worshiped, we laughed and we cried.  Together we knew that the call to carry our crosses and deny ourselves is not a theology but a reality.  Today we know that Werner, Jean-Pierre and Rhodé are wearing the coveted crowns set apart for an elect few.

May we appeal to you to set some time apart in your service today to pray for Hannelie and the family.  Weep before God as you share in the pain of a loving wife and mother who lost everything and an extended family who lost a son, brother and grand children.

We also pray that their death would not be in vain.  May the blood of the martyr truly be the seed of the Church and ignite something in the hearts of believers across the globe, especially in South Africa, to follow Christ unconditionally, whole-heartedly and faithfully.  May we be inspired to be Kingdom-minded and pursue the redemptive purposes that Werner's s family so faithfully pursued in Afghanistan.  May our live be a testimony of Christ, and our deaths ultimately point to His glory

We honour these three heroes of faith who have given their lives for those who hated them.  We celebrate the invisible victory that can only be seen by those who understand the cross.

South African pastor killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing

30 NOV 2014 16:05

A church in Pretoria is reeling after their part-time pastor, Werner Groenewald, and his two teenage children were killed in a suicide bombing by the Taliban in Afghanistan on Saturday.

"We are in shock," said Willem Badenhorst, pastor for the Moreleta Park Dutch Reformed Church in Pretoria East.  "It is a very, very difficult time for us and the congregation."

Groenwald, 46, was based in the Afghan capital Kabul for several years, according to Badenhorst. He lived in the country with his wife and two children, a 17-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter who were both killed in the attack, which lasted for several hours.

One Afghanistan local was also killed, according to local police, who did not release the person's name.

Groenwald's wife Hannelie Groenewald appears to be unharmed but the compound they lived in, where the attack took place, is thought to have been destroyed during the bombing, said Badenhorst, meaning Groenewald's wife had lost her documents and may not be able to travel home to South Africa immediately.

An online bio for Groenewald on funding website GivenGain notes that he was born in Johannesburg on 31 July 1968 and grew up as the last of three boys in the family. He married to Hannelie in 1990, became a pastor in 1997 at the Moreleta Park Dutch Reformed Church in Pretoria, South Africa and "received a calling for cross-cultural work in Afghanistan in April 2002".

Groenwald worked for an American-based aid organisation called Partnership in Academics & Development (PAD), which helps educate poor and orphaned children in various countries in the middle east and central Asia.

Taliban responsible

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter, stating that the compound was that of a "secret Christian missionary group".

However there is no mention of religious affiliations on PAD's website, which describes its goal as "empowering and developing communities through educational efforts." One example of their projects is the Seeds of Hope school, which caters to about 200 children whose parents cannot afford to send their children to public schools.

Afghan police confirmed on Saturday that several armed gunmen had attacked a compound that housed employees from an NGO.

The police did not release the name of the NGO but PAD released a statement on its website on Sunday describing the attack on its compound, which seems to include its offices and accommodation for staff.

"The attack which occurred on November 29, 2014 by multiple gunmen included one who detonated a personal explosive device killing three and injuring other staff members," read the statement.


Afghan officials said three gunmen were involved in the attack. Authorities managed to kill two of the attackers in a battle that raged for several hours, but the third suicide attacker was able to detonate the explosive he had strapped to his body, according to news reports in the country.

The attack comes as the US-led Nato presence in Afghanistan is set to withdraw ahead of the deadline set for the end of 2014. The country's fragile new government will take responsibility for security in the country. In response there has been an uptick in attacks the past few weeks by the Taliban, who ruled the once prosperous country from 1995 to 2001,

Insurgents have targeted foreign compounds, embassy vehicles, US troops and a female member of parliament in recent weeks, according to reports. There have been a dozen attacks in just two weeks in the troubled country.

Saturday's attack which killed Groenewald appeared to have been the final straw for Kabul's police chief General Zahir Zahir, who resigned shortly on Sunday shortly after the attack, telling the Interior Ministry he "no longer wanted to continue his job", according to a ministry spokesperson.

Zahir was himself the target of an attempted suicide attack this month, according to one report. On November 9 a militant snuck into Kabul police headquarters and blew himself up just outside of Zahir's third-floor office.

Please keep Hannelie Groenewald and the rest of the family in your prayers along with the wider Christian community serving through various humanitarian efforts in Afghannistan. Pray for their comfort, encouragement, strengthening and protection. Pray also that the new government and the Afghan military will be able to effectively overcome and eliminate the threat of the Taliban and their terrorist strikes.

We have received disturbing news from the brother who leads the reconciliation ministry in North East Congo. Apparently a militia group associated with Al Qaeda has been on the rampage. Beni is where the ministry is based and where Daniel and many of the team live. I'll quote from his emails:

In Beni town and territory, this militia group is causing unimaginable atrocity to the population. From 1st to 16 October, they have massacred around 80 people. 31 of these people were killed in the night of 8 October, in Beni just 1km beside the Christian university... We thank God for His unfailing Grace. It has been unimaginable and no one can really say what is the intention, but God is sovereign!

Thanks for your prayers and let us keep on praying increasingly. This is terrorism having the same nature in many places. Trauma is being very high. Children are much more severely affected. Your prayers out there are the only hope we have.

All national authorities have passed through Beni, but we have not seen anything to guarantee the security so far. It seems to be devilish politics going on, and money is playing a big role amongst those who should protect or take proper decisions. MUCH PRAYERS PLEASE.

Rhiannon Lloyd

Let's pray for the situation in DRC for His peace and stability to be restored. Pray that this militia associated with Al Qaeda will stop its atrocities and that the government will be effective in combating them and protecting the people of DRC

My cell phone spurs me on each time it powers up with AT&T's motto, "Rethink Possible!" Marketers, in this case, are good theologians-and Christians in the Western world would do well to take this exhortation seriously.

When it comes to praying for God's miraculous intervention, why is it so easy for us in the West to default to the position of unbelief? Why do people in the Third World seem to experience more of the miracle-working power of God?

How can we grow in faith and pray history-shaping prayers for our community and nation and world-and rethink possible?

A few weeks ago, while I was pondering a new development that could result in a new ministry opportunity, some friends from Southeast Asia came to visit my family. I had pretty much concluded that this "possible opportunity" was a long shot. But in that moment of wondering, my visiting friends presented my wife and me with a beautiful pewter wall piece etched with the words, "Nothing is impossible." I had jumped to an unbelieving conclusion. And their gift was a loving rebuke.

Assume the Possible

Why do we so readily assume that things will not go our way or that they're impossible to attain? I can hear the Lord saying to me as He did to His slow, unperceptive disciples, "Where is your faith?"

Our same visiting friends had been in Myanmar in 2010 to help launch the Children in Prayer movement in that much oppressed nation. And in January 2011, I had the privilege of joining hundreds of ministry leaders for a second, similar effort. Out of those two events, an estimated 40,000 children mobilized to pray for their nation.

Nothing seemed to budge in Myanmar-spiritually or politically-until the children began to intercede. Then, in short order, the whole nation seemed to shift. The military junta, which had dominated the land with an iron grip, released political dissidents from prison, including the Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Greater economic freedom was granted. Reconciliation efforts suddenly began between some of the ethnic groups that the government had been fighting for many years.

Political news commentators did not know how to explain such a precipitous turn-around in a nation so long accustomed to tyrannical oppression. But the prayer ministry leaders believed that "God's secret weapon," the prayers of children, were a major factor.

When I was with World Vision, an international humanitarian and childcare organization, we witnessed the same phenomenon. As director of prayer ministries, I asked field staff in five countries to have the children in the program pray for their very poor communities for one year. All of us were astonished by the miracles that occurred in those communities where the kids were praying for specific needs: the infrastructural changes, such as digging wells and establishing new clinics, resolving community splits, the healing of people with terminal illnesses, and the prevention of terrorist invasions in the places where the prayer was happening!

Staff people asked if we could renew the children's prayer effort for another year. After a second consultation, people recited an even longer litany of miracles to the wonderment of all. The Children in Prayer (CiP) effort spread by word of mouth to 20 national offices, and later about 50 of our World Vision national offices continued developing CiP efforts. Even after I left World Vision, the prayer movement spread beyond that organization with an estimated 75-80 countries supporting CiP efforts. This is all to the glory of the Lord who loves the prayers of children!

Learn the Children's Secret

Why are children's prayers so powerful? How can they serve as a model to us more skeptical, slow-to-believe adults?

Jesus taught that He has delegated authority to believers so we can even bring Satan down in our communities and nations. Jesus said He saw Satan "fall like lightning from heaven" and that the authority of Jesus will enable us to "trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy" (Luke 10:18-19).

Moments later, Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, was rejoicing as His people overcame the devil and brought deliverance. He joyously praised the Father for revealing these things to "little children" (v. 21). Apparently children have a greater openness to receiving such a revelation from God. The implication is that His adult disciples will be slower to grasp such a reality unless they cultivate the same childlike hearts. In other places, Jesus said that the Kingdom of God belongs to people who are like children, and that we adults should seek to be like them (Matt. 18:2-4, 19:14). Why? Because adults tend to be encumbered by the baggage of doubt, fear, and wrong belief systems that keep us from simply trusting God to do what He promises to do.

We have become captive to a materialistic and non-supernatural worldview. We may not realize how deeply we have become affected by this corrosive influence. But if we ignore God's promises to do the impossible (if we will simply ask, trusting Him like small children depending on their parents), it is as if we, in effect, have taken scissors to Scripture.

I believe this is a major reason why serious and persistent prayer is not on the agenda of most Christians and ministry leaders in the West. We live in a material world seemingly controlled only by laws of nature, so we have imbibed the idea that prayer makes little or no difference. Humanism's teaching that "man is the measure of all things" has also crept into our thinking. Both are false philosophical teachings that cut off the realization that God is the One in whom "we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28).  

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