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Thursday, 01 November 2018 23:59

German Bible reading broadcasts

Six years after the first episode of ‘Reading the Bible with Ulrich Parzany’ went on air, the Christian TV station Bibel TV will broadcast a new devotional section, starting on Sunday 4 November. In it, Pastor Ulrich Parzany deals with Matthew's Gospel in 164 episodes. Viewers will get to know the clarity of the Bible and the relevance of the biblical word for us today. The programme’s content and language is carefully chosen to reflect the fact that it is watched both by Christians and non-Christians. Other books available on Bibel TV’s website are Luke, Acts, and Romans.

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Thursday, 11 October 2018 23:32

India: Christian wives wait for justice

Ten years ago, three illiterate Christians from a remote area in Odisha state were arrested. Two months later four other Christians were arrested. They are all still in jail charged with the 2008 murder of a Hindu leader that triggered the worst anti-Christian violence in India, orchestrated by a Hindu nationalist group claiming that the murder was a ‘Christian conspiracy’. They were convicted to life imprisonment even though two trial court judges openly indicated during the trial that the accused were innocent. In 2015, two top police officials (who had relied upon the same conspiracy theory to ensure the conviction of the innocent Christians) testified before a judicial inquiry commission that allegations were false. Despite this, the appeal hearing has been constantly postponed.

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Friday, 28 September 2018 00:48

The MediaNet

The MediaNet is a UK network and community that supports, encourages and inspires Christian producers, journalists, photographers, editors, content creators, social media managers, and press officers. Their vision is to see Christians in the industry flourish and become key influencers, to see churches engaging positively with the media, and to see the life-affirming Gospel message of faith, hope and love increasingly reflected in the media. At a time when fake news and unhelpful agendas are encroaching more and more on what we read and view, we can pray for God to encourage and spiritually strengthen His people in broadcasting so that they expose what is really going on. Pray for the work of MediaNet to grow as it encourages and helps organise meet-ups and online networking to help Christians understand how their faith and work interact more effectively, whilst meeting the demands of the industry. May there be honest, reliable, and accurate journalism and programming.

Published in British Isles

On 18 July a protest was organised by Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) outside the Nigerian High Commission in London, to mark 150 days since 15-year-old Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by Boko Haram in Yobe state, Nigeria. Leah was one of 110 schoolgirls abducted on 19 February from the a local government college. Five died during the ordeal and the rest were freed, but Leah remained in captivity as she refused to renounce her faith. CSW’s CEO Mervyn Thomas said, ‘It's very important to remember that this is not just a protest - this is prayer and protest. CSW believes in those two things going together. So we're hoping first of all that God will answer prayer, but we're also hoping that the Nigerian government will take action.’

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On 15 July the Christian Association of Nigeria reported that in the previous week 238 Christians were killed and more churches desecrated by Muslims. This puts the total number of Christians killed as 6,000+ since January. This is genocide. A joint communiqué from the Christian Association, representing different denominations, said, ‘There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is ethnic cleansing, land seizure and the forced expulsion of Christian natives from their land and ancestral heritage.’ The statement condemned recent attacks, where 2,000+ people had been brutally murdered and churches destroyed without any security intervention despite the various calls for help that were made. Taking into account that Christians constitute more than 50% of the Nigerian population, it is obvious that the objective of the Islamists is to create serious conflicts that, if not controlled, can lead to another civil war. Also, floods are killing many and ruining crops, raising fears of food shortages. See https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/07/nigeria-floods-worsen-food-shortages-180715120551293.html

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Friday, 13 April 2018 04:54

America: Top 10 moral issues

Christian teacher Chuck Colson has published a list of moral issues facing America today. They are - Preserving sanctity of life by resisting the encroachment of abortion, euthanasia, cloning, and embryonic stem cell research. - Defending the persecuted Church around the world, and defending freedom of religion in America. - Protecting human rights. - Protecting by law the traditional heterosexual definition of the marriage and family. – Strength in the War on Terrorism and in the clash of civilisations against radical Islam. - Restoring the constitutional role of the Supreme Court and restricting judicial activism. - Advocating faith-based solutions to societal problems. - Caring for the poor and restoring prisoners.  - Improving education and promoting choices within the educational system. - Challenging the negative impact of mass media on culture, including speaking out against pornography, sexual exploitation, and violence.

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Friday, 26 January 2018 09:57

‘God has been with me always’

After nearly three years in exile in Kurdistan, ten-year-old Helda Hindi and her younger brother and parents who fled from IS have returned to their home town in the Nineveh plains. She spoke about the night of 6 August 2014, when IS seized her hometown. ’Alarm bells rang out in our streets - we had to escape the living hell of violence and terrorism. I left, crying, with no hope of ever seeing my town, my school, or my friends again. We lived in torment and tragedy until we got used to it.’ She related her harrowing experiences, but finished, ‘And today, by God's grace, we have returned to our town and I am back in school among my friends. We had only God and we never stopped believing in His power and praying for His mercy for all those hurting in Iraq and around the world.’

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Friday, 26 January 2018 09:43

Protests outside abortion clinics

Ealing Council may install buffer zones outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic to ban the presence of pro-life protesters within 150 metres. It would prohibit silent praying, singing hymns, displaying foetus images and distributing leaflets. Only after twenty years of activity outside the clinic has the council considered them a threat. Pro-lifers have never altered their tactics or adopted any aggressive policies. They organise the prayer vigils and provide counselling for pregnant women in crisis. They repeatedly asked Ealing councillors to meet and listen to women who have been helped by their pavement counsellors; their offers were ignored. Video footage of ‘intimidating protesters’ simply shows three people at prayer opposite the clinic. Meanwhile on 24 January Manchester council voted to ‘take all necessary actions within its powers’ to stop what it said was protesters’ harassment of women using their abortion clinics. See

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Friday, 19 January 2018 10:25

Pornography in the Church

In 2016, 350 Church leaders gathered to talk about and tackle the issue of pornography in their congregations and communities. Since then a move to combat pornography in the Church has grown. The CARE organisation sees the need for the Church to tackle this issue head on, after research in 2014 showed 79% of men and 76% of women aged 18-30 watched porn at least once a month. A growing number of Christians are aware of the effects of pornography and addiction on both men and women. Pray for more leaders to hear about and attend these conferences, and learn how to address the immorality that is damaging on spiritual, psychological and relational levels. Pray for more Christian therapists to be trained. For the 2018 conference details, click the ‘More’ button.

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Friday, 19 January 2018 09:54

Pakistan: prayer

A prayer team recently visited some places in Pakistan connected to terrorism. They felt the presence of evil, but also felt prayer backup that allowed them to pray as God wanted them to pray. They experienced protection by the prayers of others. Please pray that their intercessions will bring real change, and that people will be encouraged to pray even more for their country. Continue to pray for God’s protection over the team - that there will be no backlash, particularly for those inside Pakistan who do not have intercessors covering them. We can also praise God that unreached people groups will soon be targeted with prayer petitions. A large prayer organisation will soon produce daily prayer material for the Hindu ethnic groups in Pakistan.

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