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Thursday, 07 December 2023 22:16

Shine your Light this Christmas!

This Christmas, the World Prayer Centre, Birmingham encourages Christians to shine their light in their communities, grappling with a severe mental health crisis marked in part by alarming suicide rates across the UK. Tragic stories of despair, such as a teenager in Nottingham, a girl in Belfast suffering from online abuse, and a former rugby player's suicide, highlight the urgency of bringing hope and light to those in pain. The 'Shine Your Light' campaign urges Christians to step out of their churches and engage with their communities in meaningful ways. On the weekend of 16-17 December, through events in town halls, high streets, and public places, Christians will be encouraged to gather, pray, and ask for Jesus's light on the nation. Churches and individuals are invited to sign up and participate, bringing hope and the light of Jesus to their communities. For further details, including the resources available, go to the campaign website below.

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Friday, 24 November 2023 10:12

Prayer can change a life: Ready, Set, Go!

READY: Your prayer has power! James 5:16 One simple prayer for someone in need can impact their eternity. SET: One encounter changes a life: 'Today, I asked the gas station cashier how her day was going so far. She responded with OK. I asked if I could pray for her. She looked a bit shocked but quickly responded, sincerely, “Yes, you can”. With tears in her eyes, she asked for prayer for her anxiety. After I prayed, she grabbed both my hands and thanked me. I asked her if she knew if she was going to heaven. She said: “Yes!” I asked how she knew and she responded, “I want to go there because my dad and Grandpa are there”. I explained how we can know if we are going to heaven, and I explained the Gospel to her. I asked, “Now that you know, is there any reason that you wouldn't want to ask Jesus for his free gift of salvation?” We prayed together, and she accepted Christ as her Saviour today.' GO: Pray for the opportunity to pray for someone today!

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Thursday, 31 August 2023 21:11

USA: Jesus March ministry

A handful of twenty-somethings went outside the four walls of their church to share the Gospel on the streets every Sunday night for five years. On fire with Holy Spirit power, they led their peers to Jesus - even changing the spiritual atmosphere of the area. They knew there was more for them than saving souls, and their actions led to planting a church for the new Christians led by Ivan, the son of the pastor who encouraged their outreach. He organised the United Church to disciple, train, and send followers of Jesus to proclaim His salvation. The church then birthed Jesus March, a ministry of United Revival Ministries, both under its auspices. The ministry has hosted 125 prayer and worship events, connected with 200 churches, commissioned 6,500 evangelists, and introduced thousands of people to Jesus since its formation five years ago. By 2024 United Revival will have brought Jesus March and evangelism training, worship, and prayer to nine American cities.

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Thursday, 31 August 2023 20:24

North / South Korea: praying for reunification

73 years ago an armistice was signed to divide North and South Korea. Now, millions of Koreans are praying for the reunification of the country. Each night for the past 17 years, from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am, South Korean intercessors with the Esther Prayer Movement gather to pray for the liberation of North Korea. The movement’s president said that North Korea has one of the world's worst qualities of life, the worst democracy, economic freedom, and freedom of speech; the most slavery, bribery and corruption. It is the worst persecutor of Christians. People in North Korea have no chance to listen to the Gospel, and they must idolise their dictator: ‘So we should make them free from their bondage. We pray for them.’ The North Korean underground church has 400,000 believers. South Koreans seek to spread the Gospel by floating across the water bottles filled with rice, money, and USB drives containing the Bible or Christian videos.

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Thursday, 24 August 2023 22:22

France: Paris outreach to Jews

Jews in Paris face enormous pressures from more and more antisemitism acts. The International Jewish Mission (IJM) is there this summer to reach out to Paris’s Jewish community with the truth and hope of Jesus. Over 250,000 Jewish people live in Paris and its suburbs. IJM is seeking our prayers today for people like Harry. He still struggles to believe, because the horrors he and his family experienced during the Holocaust made him an ardent atheist. Since meeting Aurel from IJM and hearing the Gospel, he has softened a bit, admitting that he is not sure now if there is a God. He recently said to Aurel, ‘I really wish I had your faith.’ Aurel is leading the outreach, and knows God will help them connect with more Jewish people so they can hear about Jesus and be saved. Pray for God to open Jewish eyes and hearts as the Good News is shared with them.

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Thursday, 10 August 2023 22:26

Woman without pulse miracle

In an Instagram testimony a young lady testified before the congregation about a miracle she witnessed in a street outreach. One Friday night, she and her team were in the street to worship God, preach the Gospel and lead people to Christ. But after the outreach finished they noticed a commotion. Police were surrounding a lifeless lady on the street. One of their team members felt a conviction from the Holy Spirit that they needed to pray for resurrection. So, they went closer and began praying for the lady, who still had no pulse. She had been dead for ten minutes already, but they began to declare life for her. At first nothing happened, but they didn’t give up. They kept praying. A few minutes later, the lady’s eyes opened. It was a miracle. She began to breathe again.

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Thursday, 13 July 2023 23:55

Indonesia: Java

Java is not the largest island in Indonesia, but it has the largest population. Praise God that the Church on Java continues to grow. Nearly 50% of Chinese-descent Indonesians and 5% of Javanese are Christian. The many religions of Java historically tolerated each other. But this has changed. Persecution now comes in the form of laws that prevent Christians from building, which sometimes results in the destruction of churches and Christian property. Christians of many traditions now draw together for prayer, worship, and mutual support: and the love among them attracts many Muslims to Christ, despite the persecution. Christian love for the needy and most vulnerable people in society has a powerful effect. Pray for the unreached people groups, including the 34 million Sunda who profess Islam but have underlying animism and traditional beliefs. They are one of the largest unevangelised groups in the world.

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Friday, 23 June 2023 10:12

Bosnia: summer camp season

The Royal Rangers, a Christian scouting programme focusing on developing outdoor skills and a child’s relationship with God, begins the camp season on 26 June. Camps for children, teens, and adults will continue to the end of July. Pray for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts and minds of all who attend these camps. Pray for an anointing over the campgrounds, speakers, and workers. May these camp experiences expose campers to a new understanding of who God is and who they can be through Christ. Father, please reveal Yourself to each person as Your Spirit covers each camp and moves freely through Your spoken Word. We also ask you for spiritual and physical protection over every leader, teacher, facilitator, child and adult who attends these summer camps. May each one demonstrate and grow in your love. We ask that this camp season be a catalyst for revival and renewal in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Thursday, 25 May 2023 23:28

Myanmar: cyclones, camps, and conversions

Cyclone Mocha tore through Myanmar last week with 175 mph winds, making it the strongest cyclone on record in the North Indian Ocean. It ripped trees and crushed homes, killing dozens and doing the most damage in fragile Rohingya refugee camps. Pray for the million displaced Rohingya people in these camps who are trying to rebuild their destroyed communities while suffocating in a cloud of fear of the ruling military junta and genocidal attacks. The dominant religions in these camps are Buddhism and Islam, but they both fail to provide lasting comfort for the fearful. Yet there is good news. The Church in Myanmar is growing, and the Gospel is spreading through faithful believers and Christian radio. 83.4% of the population are in unreached people groups.

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Zenica city in central Bosnia has a small growing community of believers among the 115,000 Bosniak Muslims. Zenica’s large iron factory provides work for thousands, and the university and other businesses attract people from the surrounding communities. Praise God for both foreign and national Christian workers, who are spreading the good news there. In a city known for iron works, we pray for God’s truth shared through believers to remain sharp as iron and penetrate the hearts of many. Some smaller villages are isolated with zero witness among them. Pray that as the community gathers in Zenica, those who are believers would be put into contact with those open and ready to hear the good news. Proverbs 27:17 says iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another. Father, we ask that believers sharpen one another in spirit and truth and are in such unity that Bosnians will know that it is by Your power they live, move, and find their being.

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