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The Home Secretary is reviewing whether tighter scrutiny is needed for asylum seekers claiming conversion to Christianity. This follows the case of Abdul Ezedi, a 35-year-old Afghan asylum seeker and convicted sex offender, who converted to Christianity and is suspected of a chemical attack in South London. James Cleverly will receive a detailed report on Ezedi, highlighting concerns about the authenticity of conversions among refugees. Tim Loughton MP emphasised the need for rigorous examination of such claims to assess the risk of returning these individuals to their home countries. Former home secretary Suella Braverman accused the Church of enabling widespread false asylum claims. David Rees, a church elder, said that forty asylum seekers on the Bibby Stockholm barge are Christian converts; some had converted before they had arrived in the UK. He outlined the church's process for verifying conversions, including public testimonies in the converts' native languages. The Home Office stated it has procedures to prevent fraudulent asylum claims based on religious beliefs.

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Friday, 02 March 2018 10:17

Malaysia: recognising conversion from Islam

The federal court has recently decided to allow four Christians who converted from Islam to begin to take steps to have their conversions from Islam legally recognised and have the word Islam removed from their identity cards. When this decision was announced on 28 February, the solicitor for the Christians began to receive death threats. Although the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the right to propagate it, there has been a pattern of religious discrimination in Malaysia. Now that this ‘apostasy’ case has been heard, it could uphold the constitution, clarifying a Muslim’s right to convert to other religions including Christianity. If the next hearing allows them to be registered as Christians, it could lead to amending the law and making it clearer for future cases. Meanwhile Baru Bian, their lawyer, continues to receive death threats. See

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