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72-year-old Christian Younis Bhatti has been discharged from a blasphemy case after the accuser, Sosan Fatima, admitted to falsely accusing him. Fatima had alleged that Bhatti desecrated the Quran, but confessed to a conspiracy to prevent him from dividing property. Bhatti has been reunited with his family, but it was not thought safe for him to return home immediately. The incident had led to protests, prompting many Christians to flee. Bhatti's discharge, facilitated by a Christian rights organisation, was hailed as a miracle. Blasphemy accusations in Pakistan,often used to settle personal scores, can result in death sentences. Fatima's husband escaped police custody, leading to the suspension of the policemen who were with him, but was later recaptured. This case highlights the misuse of blasphemy laws and the risks faced by religious minorities in Pakistan.

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A pastor attending the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade claims the Holy Spirit urged him and his family to leave minutes before a shooting broke out, resulting in one death and 22 injuries. Timmy Hensel, pastor of River Church Family, recounted feeling prompted to depart despite the festive atmosphere. He credits divine intervention for their safety, emphasising the importance of recognising God's guidance. Hensel expresses gratitude for being spared and prays for the victims of the incident. Two men have been charged in connection with the shooting, which erupted from a verbal altercation. The pastor's testimony highlights the role of faith amidst tragedy, underscoring the community's grief and the need for spiritual discernment in challenging times.

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Thursday, 22 February 2024 21:40

Strangers save each other's lives

Marius Werner, a young German, anonymously donated stem cells that saved the life of British doctor Dr Nick Embleton, who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. Unable to find a match in the UK, the search extended globally, leading to Marius. Two years after the transplant, BBC News facilitated their meeting. Nick, a veteran neonatal doctor, feared for his life upon diagnosis but now cherishes family time. Bone marrow transplants require matching donors,and both donor and patient remain anonymous initially. After a successful transplant, Nick expressed a desire to meet Marius. They met in Newcastle. Marius, overwhelmed, shared how he had been suicidal, but this opportunity to save someone brought new purpose to his life. Their meeting saw the fostering of a bond between these two ‘blood brothers’, who were brought together by a life-saving act of kindness.

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Thursday, 15 February 2024 23:26

Film star turned pastor: 'Jesus saved my life'

Joshua Broome, a former Adult film star, went from the brink of suicide to finding salvation in Christianity. In 2013, at the peak of his film career, Broome, who had appeared in over 1,000 films and won major awards, was internally struggling with anxiety and depression. His turmoil stemmed from his fatherless upbringing and the emptiness he felt despite his success. On a decisive day, he entered a bank to cash what he thought would be his final pay cheque. Writing a provocative memo on the cheque, he expected condemnation from the teller. Instead, her concern for his well-being, recognising him by his real name, deeply impacted him. This encounter made him leave the Adult entertainment industry, reconnect with his mother, and start a new life. Now a devoted Christian, married with three children, Broome travels globally sharing his story.He has inspired many, showing that redemption and hope are possible despite a troubled past. He advocates immersing oneself in Scripture and Christian fellowship for true healing and encourages people to seek God's love and forgiveness.

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Thursday, 15 February 2024 23:24

Survey: effects of churchgoing on happiness

A recent Gallup poll reveals a notable decline in overall life satisfaction among Americans, with only 47% expressing high fulfilment, marking a near-record low. This dip, observed for only the third time in two decades, is attributed to concerns over national affairs and economic challenges. However, certain groups demonstrate higher satisfaction levels, notably regular churchgoers. About 56% of Americans attending weekly religious services report high personal life satisfaction, compared to 41% of those who seldom or never attend. The findings indicate a persistent correlation between church attendance, faith engagement, and enhanced life satisfaction. For instance, 92% of weekly church attendees are satisfied with their lives, with 67% being very satisfied. Additionally, churchgoers report relatively stable 'excellent' mental health over recent years. These encouraging yet challenging results highlight the significant role of church involvement and Christian faith in fostering happiness and well-being.

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Usher Raymond IV, renowned for his two-decade-long music career, attributes his stability to his faith, especially as he gears up for his performance at Super Bowl 58. Usher, who began singing in his church choir at a young age, expressed gratitude for a family who instilled in him the importance of church and faith. His debut album marked the beginning of an illustrious career, earning him a spot among the best-selling music artists globally, with sales of 80 million records worldwide. Despite his success, Usher emphasises the importance of staying true to oneself, avoiding getting swept up in fame. His commitment to his faith is evident in his albums' liner notes, social media, and public acknowledgments of God. He often shares scriptures, like Psalm 46:10, to express his spirituality. He considers the Super Bowl halftime show an extraordinary honour and a significant milestone in his career. His journey, marked by both fame and personal challenges, continues to be guided by his steadfast faith.

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Thursday, 01 February 2024 20:51

Hollywood actress Danica McKellar shares her faith

Danica McKellar has shared her experience of reading the entire Bible in a year, expressing deep comfort and enjoyment. Despite difficult chapters like Job, she found solace in Scripture. McKellar highlighted themes of humility over ego, good versus evil, and God rewarding faithfulness. She used ‘The Bible Recap’ for her chronological journey through the Bible. Her experience led to a deeper understanding of life's approach based on humility, describing it as rewarding. McKellar, who openly embraces Christianity, finds discussing her faith natural and life-changing, aiming to share the beauty she found with others.

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Thursday, 01 February 2024 20:47

Israeli soldier rejected God then found Jesus

Tamir, an Israeli soldier and atheist, found solace in Jesus after a journey of self-discovery and spiritual questioning. Initially rejecting God, his search for meaning led him to explore various philosophies and arts, but he found no satisfaction. His military service, particularly in the despised military police, intensified his quest. Ironically, his duties led him to rediscover God through the Bible. Challenged by a Christian colleague, Tamir delved into the New Testament, reconciling it with the Old Testament, leading to his conversion to Christianity. He surrendered his life to Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and was born again. Today, Tamir teaches scriptures, both Old and New Testament, in Israel. He says, ‘God defeated me in the battle I challenged him to, but he made me the winner.'

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Thursday, 25 January 2024 20:31

Street preachers' charter is planned

The Christian Institute is creating a charter aimed at fostering understanding between police and street preachers regarding freedom of speech. In recent years, arrests of street preachers have become more common, often on grounds of hate crimes or causing public disorder. The charter's purpose is to clarify the rights and restrictions of street preachers while evangelising. It will also emphasise the importance of adhering to Biblical teachings and sensibility, encouraging preachers to document their activities in case of complaints. The goal is to have this charter endorsed by the police as a common understanding between those sharing the Gospel on the street and law enforcement. The move comes after a recent case in which Police Scotland wrongfully arrested a street preacher, resulting in substantial damages being awarded to him. The Christian Institute defends such preachers, highlighting the need to challenge the notion that simply claiming offence equates to a legal violation. It aims to support street preachers who adhere to the law, and encourages freedom of expression within the bounds of legality.

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Jonathan Roumie, known for his portrayal of Jesus in 'The Chosen’, views his role as a divine mission, much like the characters in 'The Blues Brothers’. Speaking to CBN News, the New York City-born actor and devout Catholic expressed how he finds it humbling that his portrayal is a top Google image result for Jesus. The 49-year-old actor sees his work as a blend of ministry and entertainment, acknowledging God's guidance in his career. With over 500 million streams, 'The Chosen' has made his face recognisable as Jesus, a responsibility he embraces with humility and a sense of duty. As the fourth season of the series delves into the persecution of Jesus' disciples, Roumie emphasises the importance of being present, both in his portrayal and personal life. He aims to maintain this presence in interactions with fans, acknowledging the fine line between himself and the character he plays. Roumie's mission is to portray Jesus as a real figure of salvation and hope, a role he finds both humbling and profound in its impact.

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