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US president Joe Biden's administration is to build a section of border wall in southern Texas in an effort to stop rising levels of immigration. Around 20 miles (32 km) will be built in Starr County, where officials report high numbers of crossings. Building a border wall, a signature policy of Donald Trump, was fiercely opposed by Democrats. In 2020, Mr Biden promised he would not build another foot of wall if elected. The US Customs and Border Protection defended the latest move, saying it was using funds already allocated for a border barrier. The rising number of illegal border crossings has made the issue a vulnerable one for the president. More than 245,000 crossings have been made this year in the Rio Grande Valley area alone. Several US cities say they are feeling the strain of the influx. New York City mayor Eric Adams predicted the cost of housing the more than 100,000 new arrivals since last year will rise to $12bn over the next three years. ‘We are at capacity’, he said.

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