Over the past month, we have felt the Spirit of God calling us as individuals, nations, and as a global family into a marked time of consecration. The Holy Spirit is moving upon our hearts to remember all that Jesus has done for us, transforming us into the living stones that God is using to build His dwelling place on earth. 

Following this prompting, we released a call to our global family to set aside 28 days of prayer and fasting from September 10th to October 8th, 2020. Alongside these days of consecration, we have invited the family to join us for a 4-Part "Preparing a Dwelling Place" gathering series in this window of time on September 17th, September 24th, October 1th, and October 8th respectively.

The first portion of the series took place on the Feast of Trumpets on September 17th. Corporately, we leaned into the heart of God and entered into His rest. We felt that this year marks the release of a warning and a call to mobilization. Together, we prayed that we would be a family that ascends to a higher place; hearing what the Father is speaking and releasing His trumpet sound here on earth.

During the second portion on September 24th, as a global family, we placed Jesus at the center. His presence became so tangible, ushering us into deeper moments of communion with Him and with one another. During this time, we also stood with our family from the USA in particular as they stand in a pivotal season of destiny.

The upcoming third portion on October 1st will be led by teachers from different streams of the Body. Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, Asher Intrater, Bill Johnson and David Demian will come together to share what the Lord is revealing to them about the emerging Ecclesia. The final portion of the series on October 8th will focus on the global family congregating to hear His desires for the house He wishes to dwell in.

Please visit our website for more information on the 4-Part "Preparing a Dwelling Place" gathering series at: www.watchmen.org/dwellingplace

The full recording of each gathering is available for replay and sharing in multiple languages.

Revival4Survival - Oct 10th, 10-10pm CST


USA National Prayer Assembly - Oct 13-15 2020


2020 a year of evangelism across the UK


40 Days of Worship & Prayer (Korea) 1 Sept - 11 Oct


Hinge of History Fast 2 Sept - 11 Oct


Feast of Tabernacles - Oct 2nd - tpm ET


GO2020 KIDS Last Quarter Evangelism AFRICA - Oct - Dec 2020


Preparing a Dwelling Place (4) Oct 8th


Pray4Europe EEA Prayer Meeting - Oct 27th 13:00 (Amsterdam)


The Gathering - 24-7 Prayer - Oct 30th-31st 2020


Contend! - 21 Days of Prayer for Global Mission

4-25 Nov 2020


15 Days Prayer for the Hindu World - Nov 8-22


Movement for African National Initiatives – Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 8-12 March 2021


UPRising Events Calendar

UPRISING Chile – November 2020 (Date TBA)

GLOBAL UPRISING Manila, Philippines, Nov 2021

UPRISING MINDANAO (Mindanao, Philippines)-- dates TBA

  • UPRISING BUKIDNON (Northern Mindanao)
  • UPRISING CARAGA (Butuan, Bislig, and Surigao)
  • UPRISING DIGOS (Davao Del Sur)
  • UPRISING CENTRAL MINDANAO (South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and General Santos)

FB: United Prayer Rising Mindanao
FB: United Prayer Rising North Mindanao
IG: @uprisingmindanao   

Watch this beautifully captured video of a sung prayer for America - for the Healing of our Land - followed by 4 prayer pointers as we pray for America in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential elections:

  1. That we Americans will humbly repent of our many sins before God. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
  2. That forces of evil seeking to divide us and overthrow our nation will be bound. (Matthew 18: 18-19)
  3. That all will be moved to vote for life and Judeo-Christian values in the November 3rd 2020 US election.
  4. That America will be delivered and enabled to fulfill its God-given destiny and calling for the future.

Hand in Hand we Declare - Jesus is Lord!

As one we stand... Amen!

Join us for the National Prayer Assembly - October 13th-15th 2020
More info and sign up for free at: www.nationalprayerassembly.org

A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and its Aftermath.

Tom Wright is one of the best Theologians of our time and gives biblical insight to the chaos of the pandemic right now.

Tom examines these reactions to the virus and finds them wanting. Instead, he invites you to consider a different way of seeing and responding – a way that draws on the teachings and examples of scripture, and above all on the way of living, thinking and praying revealed to us by Jesus.

Some join in the chorus of blame and condemnation: ‘It’s the fault of the Chinese, the government, the World Health Organization. . .’

  • For Christians looking to understand the coronavirus crisis
  • Tom Wright offers a Bible based way to respond to events right now
  • You'll find a way to live through and tackle the effects of COVID-19

Available from Amazon as paperback and Kindle / Download / Audio Book

By Tom Wright, Paperback, 88 pages.

Join us November 8th to 22nd 2020 in 15 days of prayer for Hindus all over the world!

The 2020 Hindu Prayer Guide - November 8th – 22nd 2020

The annual Hindu World Prayer Focus is calling Christians and churches worldwide to take 15 days to learn about and pray for our world’s over one billion Hindu friends.

That period also encompasses the significant Hindu Festival of Light (Diwali). The informative prayer guide booklets will help Christians to know how to pray for the people(s) growing up within this major and very diverse world religion.

Diwali (or Deepawali) is known as the Festival of Lights, and is one of the most important annual celebrations for Hindus, lasting about 4-5 days. While (similar to Christmas celebrations in the Christian world) it has historical and religious roots, Hindus celebrate it by lighting and displaying rows of small oil lamps, participating in family gatherings, consuming special sweets and watching fireworks.

It is not our intention with this prayer focus to disparage India or the Hindu religion in any way. We recognize that both are far too complex and too full of great traditions to simply or easily condense, explain or take lightly within a mere booklet.

At the same time, as Christians, we long that all the world’s people(s) will have an opportunity to freely see, hear and understand the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ.

To this end we inform ourselves, pray for and want to support opportunities to make that grace known also within the world’s Indian and Hindu communities. Get your copy of the 15 Days Hindu Prayer Guide now and join with us!

15 days  |  32 pages  |  1,000,000,000 Hindus worldwide

Download the Guide HERE: https://pray15days.org/

‘At this time of uncertainty and rebellion in many countries because of the Covid crisis and the restrictions imposed by our governments, it is good to remember that we as intercessors must seek God for discernment. The wide range of information and interpretations that we get from mainstream media or other sources can only help us to a limited extent in our intercession. First and foremost, we get discernment from the heart of God - from the tree of life, and not by seeking to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:9). God's Word brings life, correction, healing and restoration, which we all need (Revelation 22:2; Psalm 36:9). Hearing God's voice at this time is more important than any other information. We encourage you to take your time - wait for God and listen. His presence changes us and He has the words we need to intercede.’

A remote Papua tribe has received 2,500 Bibles 55 years after two missionaries trying to reach them with the Gospel were killed. Some Yali tribespeople walked an entire day to reach the Oakbisik airstrip in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia, to receive the shipment of Bibles in their own language from Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Now, instead of waiting for war, the Yali church has been waiting for more Bibles in their language. Yali tribes no longer walk the path of darkness. Their path is lit by the Word of God.

A ban on households meeting indoors was part of further restrictions announced on 1st October for the north of England. Many universities are reporting coronavirus cases and thousands of students are self-isolating, having lectures delivered online with few face to face tutorials. Students are struggling to get food supplies, others are questioning why they were told to leave home when most teaching is being done remotely. On 27 September University Hospitals Birmingham reported 1,001 deaths since 14 March.  It was the first hospital trust to record 1,000 Covid-19 deaths, saying the toll is the ‘terrible reality’ of the virus. Pray that God will use His people to bring hope to the thousands caught in anxiety over a fresh coronavirus wave. May His peace rest on those in fear because not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and His presence and hope for the future into lives tormented with a sense of not being in control. 

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