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Thursday, 28 February 2019 22:27

Insight: what would Jesus do?

A shooting range which provides ‘family fun’ for adults and children aged six and over announced a new target in a tweet. ‘Hot off the press’ showed an image of Shamima Begum and the hashtag ‘no remorse’. 19-year-old Shamima is in a refugee camp, asking to return to the UK after living with IS terrorists for four years. The home secretary removed her British citizenship for the public good, and suggested she apply for Bangladeshi nationality as her mother is a Bangladeshi. There are questions around citizenship, justice and reconciliation in the aftermath of the most brutal conflict so far this century. Our moral reasoning and response to those complicit in IS evil will be debated in the law courts. Our government has responsibilities to protect citizens, administer justice and look after those who have suffered. What would Jesus do? For background, see

(Linda Digby - Prayer Alert team)

Published in British Isles
Friday, 22 February 2019 09:57

IS bride 'potentially very dangerous'

The head of MI6 says that after spending four years with a bloodthirsty terror group, Shamima Begum is ‘potentially very dangerous’, because once someone has been in that environment they will have treacherous skills and connections. A ‘very significant level of resource’ is required to ‘make sure she doesn’t represent a threat’. The Home Office plans to strip her of British citizenship, stating that as her parents are Bangladeshis she can apply for Bangladeshi citizenship. The Syrian Kurdish forces are calling on the UK to take responsibility for its own citizens. If they are not taken back, the Kurds could try them in their own courts for partaking in IS activities. This push-and-pull keeps Shamima and many others in legal limbo, unwanted by either group. See

Published in British Isles