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Friday, 09 July 2021 10:10

Speakers’ Corner becomes Sharia Corner?

Hatun Tash preaches Christianity at Speakers’ Corner, but when she criticises Islam she is assaulted. Police have warned her it is dangerous for her to speak there. Some Muslims want to kill her. But she feels called to preach to Muslims. Her provocative style effectively attracts attention, and people listen. When she wore a T-shirt with a cartoon of Mohammad on it, she was mobbed, arrested, and carried into a police van, to the cheers of the many Muslims nearby. Cartoons of any other figures would be within the bounds of free speech. Only under sharia law would a cartoon of Muhammad be prohibited. One Muslim suggested that ‘wearing that T-shirt is a breach of the peace’.

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Thursday, 19 November 2020 21:45

Christian couple released unexpectedly

A married Christian couple, detained for being ‘apostates and evangelists spreading Christianity’ in Muslim-majority Somaliland, have been suddenly released and deported to Somalia, allowing them to subsequently travel with their youngest child to a safe country and be reunited with their two elder sons. The couple were arrested by police on 21 September when Christian material was found at their home. They made several appearances in the Somaliland regional court. Then European representatives raised the case with the ministry of religious affairs and the couple were unexpectedly released and ordered to be deported on 1 November.

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Friday, 22 May 2020 00:17

Intercessor Focus: after Ramadan

Jesus said, ‘The first of all the commandments is, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.”’ (Mark 12:29) During Ramadan, millions of Christians around the world and churches and ministries from many denominations participated in the largest ongoing prayer focus for the Muslim world - that Muslims would understand and believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. Ramadan will finish on 23 May, but we can continue to pray that what God has begun in the lives of our Muslim neighbours will continue. May the Holy Spirit linger in their lives. May we continue to send faithful Christian prayers to heaven on behalf of our ‘not yet saved’ brothers and sisters. May we be open to personal and human contact and manifest God’s love through kindness and respect in relationships. Let us ask God to help us to share our faith while explaining terms such as sin, prayer, God, Son of God and faith.

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Thursday, 19 March 2020 23:27

India: police implicated in Hindu riots

As the Hindu mob descended, Delhi market stalls were reduced to ashes, just 100 metres away from two police stations. The mobs came three times; desperate stallholders repeatedly ran to the police stations crying out for help, but the gates were locked from the inside. No help came. ‘How could they set fire to our market in such a horrific way, while it is so close to two police stations, and not be stopped?’ said a shopkeeper. ‘If I complain against the police I will face very serious trouble.’ The worst religious conflict to engulf Delhi in decades raises questions about the role that the police played. 75% of the 51 dead were Muslim, and many Muslims are still missing. The catalyst for the riots is widely acknowledged to be a BJP leader declaring that if the police did not clear the streets of objectors to the new citizenship law, his supporters would be ‘forced to hit the streets’.

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Thursday, 22 August 2019 22:43

India: four million stateless people?

On 31 August four million Indians could become stateless. In Bangladesh's war of independence from Pakistan fifty years ago, millions of Bengali Muslims fled to Hindu Assam, giving it the second largest Muslim population of any Indian state after Kashmir. Last year, the Assam government published a national registry of citizens, listing everyone who is legally resident. Four million Muslim people who have lived there for decades were not on the list. Unless they can prove a pre-1971 claim to residence, they will be deemed illegal. Bangladesh will not accept the deportation of millions of people who have lived in India since the 70s. Many of these people were born inside India after 1971. Should they be ‘returned’ to a country they have never known? The Assam authorities are building detention camps which could constitute a horrific human rights violation.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019 21:32

Globally: God among Muslims

More Muslims have turned to Jesus in the last fifteen years than in the previous 1,400. God loves all, and wants all to hear and understand the message ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ (John 14:6) Although more Muslims have turned to Jesus in recent years, another 1.8 billion are still living without a saving relationship with him. Middle East news dominates our headlines, while behind the scenes Muslims are fasting and praying throughout Ramadan. Please continue to intercede for them this month as they fast and seek God. Pray for supernatural dreams and visions that open doors to salvation. Many prayer diaries have been produced to aid intercession. For example Iran 30 helps Christians play a part in proclaiming Christ to Iranians with thirty short, easy to read sections explaining the activity where God is building His Church behind the scenes. See

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The senior member of the world’s biggest Muslim organisation has insisted that Islamophobia is not rooted in racism and that the distrust of Muslims in many countries is a result of Islamist extremism and terrorism throughout the world.

Yahya CholilStaquf, the secretary-general of Indonesia’s Nahdlatul Ulama movement, which claims to have more than 90 million adherents, wrote in an article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph saying that the traditional Muslim mindset needed to change.

He called for a rejection of Islamic orthodoxy, condemning it as “obsolete and problematic” and “fuelling violence on both sides”.

 The influential cleric wrote that the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims was “factually incorrect” in linking the definition of the word “Islamophobia” to racism, and that it was “counter-productive” to do so.

“The truth, we recognise, is that jihadist doctrine, goals and strategy can be traced to specific tenets of orthodox, authoritative Islam and its historic practice. This includes those portions of sharia that promote Islamic supremacy, encourage enmity towards non-Muslims and require the establishment of a caliphate. It is these elements – still taught by most Sunni and Shiite institutions – that constitute a summons to perpetual conflict,” he wrote.

Staquf stated that Brenton Tarrant’s murder spree, which killed 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 15 March, was part of an “ancient cycle of violence” and that the killer shared a “historical framework” with many Muslims that went back almost 1,400 years. He explained the traditional Islamic teaching that “Muslims and non-Muslims are and shall remain in a state of permanent conflict, until the end of time (according to Islamists) or the disappearance of Islam (according to advocates of a ‘counter-jihad’).”

“If Muslims do not address the key tenets of Islamic tradition that encourage this violence, anyone – at any time – can harness them to defy what they claim to be illegitimate laws and butcher their fellow citizens, whether they live in the Islamic world or the West. This is what links so many current events, from Syria to the streets of London,” he added.


Pray with many others globally for 30 Days - for the Muslim world this Ramadan. See the article.

Thursday, 28 March 2019 23:51

Anti-hate and anti-Muslim bigotry

Tell MAMA supports victims of anti-Muslim hatred, and also measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents. It highlights the rise in instances of harassment or abuse online, being targeted on public transport, being physically attacked, having property damaged, experiencing discrimination at work, school, or university, and receiving hate mail by post or email. Tell MAMA’s director, Imam Atta, says, ‘We are in deeply worrying times where people are looking for certainty, but what they are getting is instability at a political and societal level. At times like this, minority groups are the ones who suffer the anger of those looking to vent their fears, insecurities and concerns’. Its annual report gives examples of ‘Twitter bots’ seeking to cause disruption and division in communities, give false perceptions, and actively promote anti-Muslim hatred. Pray that neighbours would learn from each other’s differences and find common ground in their community.

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Sermon by imam demands 'liberation'

Muslim willing to sacrifice 'millions' of lives to retake 'Palestine'

 “Palestine” must be retaken by Muslims even if it costs “millions” of lives.

That’s the opinion of an imam in Florida whose recent sermon on the topic was uncovered by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The Oct. 12, 2018, message was from Hasan Sabri of the Islamic Center of South Florida in Pompano Beach.

He said a “believing Muslim’s” position is that Palestine is “Islamic waqf land that was occupied by force” – and that it should be liberated “even if this leads to the martyrdom of tens of millions of Muslims.”

MEMRI reported Sabri also said, “Allah wants each and every one of you to be a man with a cause … for which he lives and dies,” noting that the Palestinian cause “is being plotted against” with “the Deal of the Century.”

The research organization explained, “According to Pompano Beach elected officials, Sabri has recited invocations annually at Pompano Beach city meetings since 2005, and the ICOSF has had a peaceful, 25-year presence in the city, even serving as a polling station. In September 2017, Imam Sabri was a panelist at ‘Interfaith and Race Relations Peace and Acceptance Conference’ at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida.”

But the building that is listed as the address of the ICOSF is owned by the North American Islamic Trust, which was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in America history. The case, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation, resulted in convictions and imprisonment of several U.S.-based Hamas leaders.

Sabri said: “Take the Palestinian cause, for example. It is now being plotted against with a deal they call the ‘Deal of the Century.’ Why do they call it a ‘deal?’ Because whoever is involved in this treason is not a man of principles. These are peddlers, not men with a cause. All they want are positions and jobs. That is why for them, the cause is nothing but a deal, a matter of give and take. For them, it is nothing but a deal.”

He continued: “But what is the position of a believing Muslim about the Palestinian cause? That Palestine in its entirety is Islamic land, and there is no difference between what was occupied in 1948 and 1967. There is no difference between this village or that village, this city or that city. All of it is Islamic waqf land that was occupied by force. The responsibility for it lies with the entire Islamic nation, and the [Palestinians] should benefit from this land. If a land is occupied or plundered, it should be liberated from the occupiers and plunderers, even if this leads to the martyrdom of tens of millions of Muslims.”

He added, “This is the ruling, and there is no room for discussion or concessions.”

He also said: “[Atheists] always belong to minorities – national minorities, religious sects or minorities, and they have an agenda of destroying this Islamic nation, so they adopt atheism, not because it makes sense, but because it serves their approach. That is why you find most of these people, like I said, calling for goals that are opposite from the general goals of this nation. Our goal is to unite people, to unite Muslims. Their goal is to fragment Muslims even more. Wherever there is an opportunity to split a Muslim country into two, or three, or 10 parts, you will find that they are for it. What does that have to do with atheism? It has to do with an agenda. That’s all.”

Article printed from WND: http://www.wnd.com

URL to article: http://www.wnd.com/2018/11/muslim-willing-to-sacrifice-millions-of-lives-to-retake-palestine/

Pray for the peace of God to reign over the Middle East and especially over those radical Palestinians who want conquer the land of Israel by violence and even the cost of millions of lives.

Pray that many of them will come to Jesus, the Messiah, who alone can help them make sense out of their great sense of disenfranchisement.

Friday, 17 November 2017 10:55

Muslims in Christmas advertisement

A Christmas advert by Tesco, showing a Muslim family celebrating by exchanging presents and cooking Christmas dinner, has divided shoppers. One comment was, ‘Muslims don't believe the truth of Christmas, and Tesco doesn't even have a halal turkey for them’; another, ‘The advert is inclusive and promotes diversity’. Some are crying ‘racism’, but others say, ‘It has nothing to do with racism, it is to do with religion. Christian festivals such as Advent, Christmas, Easter and Whitsun proclaim our nation’s Christian heritage’. See also

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