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Friday, 08 April 2022 04:09

Global: Ramadan began on 2nd April

Pray for Christians in the Muslim world during the month of Ramadan when Muslims will fast from food and drink during daylight, pray, do acts of charity and give alms. Most Muslims observe Ramadan peacefully, but it creates problems for Christians in Islamic environments. In theory, non-Muslims are not required to fast because it is a form of Islamic worship and one of the five pillars of Islam. However, Christians and other religious minorities in Muslim-majority countries can feel pressured into joining in the severe fast. They will probably be unable to eat in public, creating difficulties for those working outside the home. The month of Ramadan is especially hard for secret believers who converted from Islam but have not told their Muslim families for fear of persecution and even death. They must make the month-long extra commitment to Islamic observance, or risk showing that they have apostatized from Islam.

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Have media soundbites convinced you that Muslims are to be feared and hated? Have you observed these attitudes in your church, in yourself? If so, you are in danger of missing the rest of the story!

Unprecedented numbers of our world's Muslim neighbors have discovered the heart transforming presence of Christ in their lives over the last three or so decades.

The 29th edition of this 30-day strategic prayer focus booklet is now shipping.

Come join the millions of Christians worldwide who since 1993 have regularly participated in this largest ongoing international call to Christians to pray for the Muslim world during their annual Ramadan. Ramadan is Islam's important annual month of fasting and religious observation; in 2020 it starts on April 24.

While we celebrate 27 years in 2020, this marks the 29th time (Muslims use a shorter lunar calendar year) that Christians around the world will join together to intentionally but respectfully learn about and pray for our world's Muslim neighbors--with Faith, Hope and Love--during their 30 days of Ramadan.

WorldChristian.com publishes a new full-color illustrated prayer guide booklet each year - in adult and kids versions.

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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 04:06

30 Day Prayer Guides for the Muslim World

The 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World began in 1993 with a group of Christians who felt inspired to challenge the way they understood Muslim people. What if they saw Muslims in the same way God does?


The 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World, is an international movement that began in 1993. It calls the church to make a deliberate but respectful effort to learn about, pray for and reach out to our world’s Muslim neighbors. It coincides annually with the important Islamic month of religious observation — Ramadan, a time of the year when Muslims are much more deeply aware of spiritual matters.

While Media sound bites about Islamic extremism can too easily incite anger, fear and even hatred towards Muslims, we seek to resist this temptation to generalize, and instead, resolve to respond and pray with the mind and heart of Christ.

Join the millions of Christians around the world, and churches and ministries from many denominations, who regularly participate in this largest ongoing prayer focus on the Muslim world. A new full-color prayer guide booklet — available each year in both adult and kids versions — is a proven tool to help Christians to understand and to persistently pray for Muslim neighbors and nations.

There's still time to get your booklets before Ramadan!

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Long ago, wise men in Eastern Arabia noticed a star burning brightly in the night sky and set out to see where it would lead them. At the end of their journey they found Jesus and presented him with costly gifts - one of which was frankincense. Frankincense trees still bloom today, particularly in the Arabian peninsula. At the centre of this region is a city that is home to six unreached people groups - each with their own specific language or dialect, with unique customs and traditions, divided into tribes and families. As different as each group is, they hold certain things in common: their unifying faith in Islam, their abiding love of camels, and the daily use of frankincense. Every day after evening prayers, the city is permeated by the sweet smell of frankincense as families heat it in burners and carry it throughout their homes. Wise men from Arabia once offered Jesus frankincense: today, He is offering the lasting healing, cleansing and deliverance they seek.

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