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Thursday, 15 April 2021 22:20

A Bible for a former Buddhist

Sejun’s parents sent him to an Indian Buddhist monastery when he was 4 years old. For nine years, he studied Buddhist texts eight hours a day in the hope of becoming a monk. When he grew tired of being beaten for not perfectly memorising the texts, he went home to Nepal and enrolled in school. Whilst there, he heard about Jesus and started attending church. He said, ‘I found the Christians to be loving, kind and caring. I saw how if people love Jesus they learn to love and care for others.’ Two years later, he placed his faith in Christ and received a Bible from someone at school. He learned what Scripture teaches about sin and forgiveness. He had learned a similar concept of sin from Buddhist texts, but the idea of forgiveness was new to him. ‘In the Bible, I found that our sins are forgiven by the blood of Christ.’

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Wednesday, 01 January 2020 11:37

Catalyst 365 - Prayer for the Buddhist World

Hello Friends!

God has led us to pray for the Buddhist World, and we hope He is offering you a part in it.

We invite you to join in with people all over the world to focus our prayer on the Buddhist World - we call this initiative Catalyst 365.  Please take a few minutes to inquire of God whether He is leading you to cover a day or series of days in prayer with us.

We have created a vehicle for you to jump in on: prayer points for the day that you sign up to cover, a reminder system, and fellow believers to labour with.  Please take a minute or two and check out our website, which explains the project in more detail and on which you can register a day to pray into the Buddhist World.  


In Him,

Catalyst 365 Team

Thursday, 25 October 2018 23:48

Sri Lanka: violence against Christians escalates

Attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka have escalated this year, with Hindu extremism beginning to take root along with long-time Buddhist aggression, according to rights advocates. An attorney who requested anonymity said, ‘We are witnessing communities being mobilised in an increasing manner against Christians. We see the Hindu extremists influencing entire communities; then the communities lead violent mob attacks against Christian places of worship and Christians.’ Among recent cases, a large mob in Southern Province gathered to protest against a church in their community. This became a violent attack, and then discrimination against the Christians and harassment of the women. When a Buddhist monk joined them it further aggravated matters and the crowd became uncontrolled, not allowing the pastor or anyone else to leave. They assaulted a Christian who tried to leave. Later 500 people, including Buddhist monks, staged a protest against the pastor and church worship.

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