Cameron must re-engage with Broken Society agenda

Written by Super User 18 Aug 2011

As Parliament reconvenes to discuss the riots, Christian charity CARE has called on the Prime Minister to re-engage with the Broken Society agenda, with its emphasis on tackling family breakdown and fatherlessness, which he promoted vigorously when in opposition. Dan Boucher, CARE’s Director of Parliamentary Affairs, said, ‘The reasons for the riots are complex. It is very unlikely that there is any one single explanation. A key element in the mix, however, is undoubtedly the place of the family and the role of fathers in particular in Britain in 2011. When in opposition, David Cameron spoke at great length about the Broken Society and about how a Conservative government would fix broken Britain. He was very clear that one of the key drivers of the Broken Britain phenomenon was family breakdown and fatherlessness and interestingly polling demonstrates that this resonated far more effectively with the public than his subsequent focus on the Big Society ever has.’

Pray: that our government would take the Broken Society and Big Society agendas and see how together they could help in the current situation. (Php.4:6)


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