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Friday, 07 September 2018 00:01

Eritrea: potential for change

Eritrea could be on the verge of major change. For 20+ years, it has battled with Ethiopia and Somalia. President Afewerki’s regime conscripts citizens indefinitely into fighting its wars, and represses opposition. Much of Eritrea’s money has gone to defence against enemies, resulting in it being one of the poorest countries, with a mass exodus of Eritreans to Europe part of the biggest global migration crisis since World War II. However, Ethiopia now has a new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed. He has already made a number of significant changes to government policy, including freeing thousands of political prisoners and amending a harsh anti-terrorism law. He has extended a hand of peace to Eritrea and agreed to a peace deal. Thousands of people celebrated, the border is open, embassies will open, and the countries will work together to strengthen ports, resume air flights, open telephone lines, and more. Afewerki’s regime has made Christians suffer as the 6th worst persecuted in the world, but Abiy has recently released 35 Christians from prison. Pray for Islamic extremists in the region to lose their power due to his influence.

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Friday, 07 July 2017 15:27

Intercessors’ focus

In this season of shaking and change God is calling intercessors, waking up prayer warriors, and reminding us that the real battles and dangers we face are not flesh and blood. The challenges we see are real, but they are animated by unseen dark spiritual forces influencing society. NOW is the time for the church to have spiritual eyes opened, seeing beyond the natural; and spiritual ears opened to hear God's leading for Spirit-led prayers. NOW is the time for humble prayers of repentance on behalf of our nation, prayers that will prepare the way for God's plans of redemption, and restoration to all that has been damaged or destroyed. NOW is the time to pray for Christians in parliament, commerce and industry to have increased spiritual awareness to lead the UK in God's way forward. NOW is the time for God to empower those preserving peace and detecting crime, and jettison the atmosphere of fear off the UK.

(written by Linda Digby - Prayer Alert team)

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Friday, 05 May 2017 11:13

A Government without God

Stephen Green of Christian Voice recently wrote, ‘Our leaders try to run things in their own wisdom. Even though our Queen was anointed to reign under the authority of God in the Name of Jesus Christ and given the Holy Bible as “the rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes,” her ministers have passed law after law in opposition to the will of God.’ Good laws might not make men good, but they can restrain the wicked, and bad laws encourage evil. We must pray for our Government as never before, and pray that God will raise up men like John Knox and John Wesley in Britain today to call the nation to repentance. Pray for our nation and its people to turn from the belief that mankind knows best and to trust in God again. Pray for Christians in Parliament and all who are led by God’s Spirit in positions of authority to be strong in His power.

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