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Thursday, 25 February 2021 21:51

Ghana: life-changing events

Wycliffe Bible Translators are launching New Testaments in three different languages in Ghana over four days, and Christians across the nations can join the dedications live on Facebook. The Tafi, Logba and Nyagbo peoples receive their New Testaments on 25, 27 and 28 February respectively. The events, which start at 10 am each day, are hosted by a local organisation partnered with Wycliffe. You can watch the celebrations at facebook.com/gillbt.org. Also, on 25 February Ghana became the first country to receive a shipment of free Covid vaccine doses. This is a historic step towards an equitable distribution of vaccines to the areas where those most at risk live. It will be the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation in history, which will continue in the coming days and weeks.

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Thursday, 30 July 2020 23:00

Japan: Bible for deaf people

Christians in Japan belong to a minority religion. Less than 1% of the population claim Christian affiliation, although 50 -70% are married in Christian ceremonies. 253,000 Japanese are deaf and although there is a Japanese sign language in Buddhism, it has been difficult for Christian outreach to this minority group without a Bible for them. Since the 1990s Wycliffe Bible Translators have been working to bring the Bible to Japanese deaf people. They have finished Daniel, and are now working on Ezra. Once translations are complete, videos will be recorded for the deaf community. A Wycliffe missionary said, ‘We really want to see God’s Word made available to each heart language, so that there is no language barrier between individuals anywhere in the world and the revelation that God has given us through His Word.’

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Friday, 20 September 2019 10:02

Bringing the Gospel to oral learners

If written words meant nothing to you, how would you hear and understand the gospel? 1,961 unengaged and unreached people groups, totalling 5.7 billion people, are oral learners who do not know a single verse of Scripture in their native language. Pray for the mission agencies developing strategies to reach these unreached people with God's word. Pray for churches overseas to engage with these people groups in their area through methods specific to their worldview and culture. Pray for organisations like Wycliffe Bible Translators, who are impacting unreached people groups globally with oral Bible storytelling and audio recordings of Scripture. It is time that all nations, tribes and languages not only hear about Jesus, but also experience him through God’s transforming Word.

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Friday, 12 October 2018 00:26

One thousand New Testament translations!

The thousandth New Testament translation, completed with involvement from SIL and Wycliffe Bible Translators, was launched on 11 August in a celebration in northwest Uganda. The translation is for the Keliko people and represents the first time they can hear and read the New Testament in their own language. The Keliko, whose homeland is in South Sudan, travelled from all around to be present. Many came from local refugee camps in Uganda; others hitched rides from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The event was attended by church leaders and local government dignitaries, as well as by international visitors from across Africa, Europe and North America. The translation represents a triumph over adversity. Twice translation efforts were interrupted by civil war. The translators are Episcopalian pastors, very godly men, and they pressed on. Although SIL provided technical and advisory support throughout, this project belongs to the Keliko church.

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