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Thursday, 10 December 2020 20:14

South Georgia: huge iceberg threatens wildlife

Experts from around the world are anxiously monitoring the world’s largest iceberg - the size of Devon - as it creeps close to the shores of South Georgia, putting the lives of thousands of seals, penguins and other wildlife at risk. It is travelling towards a wildlife haven, a breeding ground for over a million animals. It is estimated to weigh one trillion tons and is only 200 metres deep, so it can get much closer to land before running aground. It is travelling at 1mph. Dr Andrew Fleming from the British Antarctic Survey, which has two monitoring stations on South Georgia, said, 'The next two to three weeks are going to be key in deciding whether the berg will hit South Georgia or narrowly miss it. The fact that it is still in one piece is unusual; it is the biggest iceberg in the world right now, and probably in the top five ever.'

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Thursday, 05 November 2020 23:36

Climate change data highlight priorities

About nine million species of animals and plants are exposed to changes in the global climate. Monitoring how climate change affects wildlife and ecosystems has become critical for directing conservation measures where life is most at risk. Today the world's biggest iceberg is bearing down on South Georgia. The Antarctic ice giant, similar in size to the island or to the county of Somerset, is expected to anchor itself offshore of the wildlife haven; posing a grave threat to local penguins and seals. Their normal foraging routes could be blocked, preventing them from feeding their young properly. All creatures living on the seafloor would be crushed where it touches ground. David Attenborough said the world is a unique and spectacular landscape, if we act now we can put it right and save and protect the animals and plants we have endangered throughout centuries of changing the natural world.

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