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Thursday, 22 September 2022 22:35

College refuses Christian booking

The High Court has been told that Christian Concern was blocked from holding a conference at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge because its values were ‘not compatible with the values of the college’. Christian Concern has accused the college of refusing permission because it believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and has alleged discrimination, which the college denies. The case arose after a Christian Concern representative tried to book conference facilities for 100 people on behalf of Wilberforce Academy - an initiative for young, professional Christians. Andrea Williams commented, ‘Anyone who knows what we teach and stand for can see that our “general beliefs” are simply Christianity. The widespread silence of the Church on moral issues for decades has allowed activists to paint mainstream Christian beliefs as beyond the pale. We must return to speaking the truth with courage and rebuild Christian institutions - exactly what we do each year through the Wilberforce Academy.’

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Friday, 09 September 2022 10:12

Tragic extent of UK family breakdown

A new review from the Children's Commissioner has shown that 23% of UK families are lone-parent - 10% higher than Europe’s average. The communities minister highlighted the need for better government policies that support families. The head of public policy said, ‘What is required is not just laws but wholesale culture changes. We need to value marriage (between a man and a woman) as a sacred, lifelong bond, and promote marriage as the best and most stable and successful structure for bringing up children.’ There are no policy recommendations in Part 1 of the review, but Part 2 will look at the impact of its policies on families. Sadly, for too long, the Government has done little or nothing to promote or support families. In fact, it has done the opposite, finding time in the coronavirus crisis to pass legislation for ‘no-fault divorce’. This means potentially enabling one partner to unilaterally destroy the family.

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Friday, 11 June 2021 09:41

‘Further up, further in: going deeper’

In November Christian Concern and the Christian Schools’ Trust are jointly hosting another online conference, with free follow-up networking events, for Christians in education. In C S Lewis’ The Last Battle, the call to come ‘further up and further in’ is made to those on the cusp of a great new adventure. Those in education with a distinctively Christian vision will be stirred through these events, to ‘go deeper’ into His plans for them personally and for those they educate. Over 300 teachers and educationalists joined the previous online conference in February. The organisers are inviting all Christians in education to be part of this growing movement, seeking to be distinctively Christian in schools across the UK and beyond: being encouraged, envisioned, and equipped to serve the Lord in their schools, and to meet and network with other Christian teachers in the same key stage or subject.

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Friday, 22 May 2020 00:38

'DIY' abortions in lockdown

Two high court judges have upheld the Government’s decision to allow at-home abortions during lockdown. But it is not over yet. Christian Concern said that their legal challenge has exposed how the abortion industry has captured the Department of Health. The case showed that if pro-abortion lobbyists want something to happen, they can contact their insiders and get it done. One key civil servant in the case worked simultaneously for Public Health England and abortion provider Marie Stopes UK. These are not clinical experts simply advising on best practice; they are campaigners like BPAS executive Ann Furedi, who calls for abortion at any stage, for any reason. Christian Concern want to appeal this case, but more than that, they need to continue to expose the abortion industry’s privileged access to the heart of government and the untold damage caused to women and babies because of their influence.

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Thursday, 30 April 2020 21:40

Home abortions risk coercion

Christian Concern write: ‘For years, the abortion lobby has wanted to make home abortions a reality. Now that the Government has introduced them due to the coronavirus lockdown, abortion rights activists will be determined to keep DIY abortions in place long-term. On the surface, the policy makes abortions as convenient as possible - a goal of the pro-abortion lobby. Dr Gregory Gardner, supporting our High Court legal challenge of the Government's decision, says that home abortions risk real physical and psychological harm to the mother and increase the possibility of coerced abortions. Ann Widdecombe added, “This change is contrary to promises made immediately before parliament went into recess - thereby undermining its proper constitutional functions.”’ 4 May marks 52 years of abortion culture in the UK.

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Thursday, 12 March 2020 21:13

What’s love got to do with public life?

Christian Concern’s ‘Stand and Speak’ series running up to Easter wants Christians to put the love of Jesus at the heart of society. We often think politics, laws, and public policy are untouched by concepts like love. It would be a stretch to describe love as the primary characteristic shown by MPs, civil servants, or judges as they go about their work. But the connection between these parts of society and love is stronger than we often recognise. Jesus said we should love God with all that we have and love our neighbour as ourselves. He himself drew attention to love as the principle underlying all of the law of Moses. It is Christ-shaped love that we aspire to. We long to be like him, willing to give up our own comfort to see others do well. That is why we sometimes say things that no one else will say - not for the sake of being controversial but because love demands it, that we speak truth to power, in love.

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Thursday, 05 December 2019 23:28

Championing sexual purity in a pornographic age

We are living in an age of unprecedented sexual revolution. Very quickly we have moved from acceptance and toleration of LGBT lifestyles to an active promotion of LGBT ideology by government agencies, schools, corporations, and even churches. Similarly, pornography has gone from being an underground sexual fetish to being publicised and even praised by mainstream media. But it remains an unseen and under-discussed root of the sexual revolution, damaging lives and relationships and creating addicts who feel trapped and unable to break free. There are porn addicts in most churches, if not in every church, as well as in schools, workplaces, and communities. At a conference on 29 - 30 January 2020, Christian Concern plan to discuss the roots of the sexual revolution and hear from speakers who have broken free from sex addictions or helped others to break free. If you wish to attend, or for more information, click the ‘More’ button. See also the next article, ‘Teenage morality’.

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Friday, 01 February 2019 09:38

Islamisation through halal products

Christian Concern for our Nation asks, ‘Is the widespread availability of halal products an example of Islamic religious freedom? Or does halal have a deeper effect on society?’ Its new report shows how halal spreads through supply chains impacting laws and economics, and recommends how to deal with the deepening roots of sharia. The report states, ‘The aim of Islam is to create a supreme worldview, whereby all other laws come under Islamic law. Halal food markets, Islamic dress markets, sharia-compliant finance and banking, Islamic education, sharia courts.’ See also article 1 in the Europe section, on sharia law.

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